Being Butch certainly requires a number of social manuevers in order to insure survival in a world where the masculinized female isn’t an acceptable type of human to be. Anyone who doesn’t fall neatly into a gender-specific category is viewed as “suspect” by our culture-at-large. By “suspect” I mean that age-old ideas about child molestation, robbery and any number of criminal activities can be and are attributed to Butch women. Therefore, to be able to wrap one’s mind around this specific type of oppression, you need to be able to have a combination of a tremendous sense of humor as well as humility. These are the tools that will help for not just survival but to move towards a life that can thrive – not simply exist.

This is what i have attempted to do and continue to do as i traverse the cultural landscape to find irony and criticism in all things i come into contact with: films, theatre, popular culture, the invisibilization of all things lesbian with the now- popular use of the phrase, ‘queer culture’, world news, topical items, politics, etc. I’m only following in the tradition of other – more popular- social critics (in other words, smart-ass comedians) who i define as Butch: Rosie O’Donnell, Wanda Sykes, and Ellen Degeneres.

So, anything you read here is run through this filter of mine as you have yours. You may or may not find something that rings true for your own experiences, but hopefully can gain something insightful from reading my words. It’s all we got, right?


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