Written & Performed by Liberty Bradford Mitchell

(The eldest daughter of the slain porn owner of The Mitchell Brothers in SF)

Some writers should not read their own work out loud and publish to digital books. Their own vocal ability to capture the ears and hold them often doesn’t prove a success. ‘The Pornographer’s Daughter’ is a case where I felt like I was experiencing a piece that was being workshopped: unfinished.

There is no question that the material is rich and the possibilities are many for visual expression as well as storytelling; I just didn’t feel like Liberty has the acting chops or chemistry/charisma to pull this off as well as if another actress were portraying her.

While I had compassion and felt the humor (in the first half), the second half just drug onward and my brain kept coming up with the following: ‘Who could have been cast to play this lead?” Then, a plethora of names of female comedic actresses came to mind. That is never a good sign when witnessing an autobio piece unfolding before your eyes in an intimate venue.

Made into a film starring Kristen Wiig would be fabulous.

For anyone who was living in the Bay Area when the murder of Liberty’s father happened, the SF Chronicle ran almost DAILY juicy bits with gruesome details and speculation. Here it is all these years later, and the daughter who has written this interesting piece finally reveals that even she never got the answer as to WHY her uncle decided to kill his own brother like he did.

Here’s a lengthy, good article about the real story: